For gypseian

The lovely gypseian brought it to my attention that I never completed her one sentence ask prompt like I said I would. I bet her chocolate I’d do it before the end of the week.

Prompt: Ben/Claire. Go.

Ben didn’t want to leave. He had made a home in Jacksonville and for once he felt comfortable just staying in one place. But he knew from the moment she’d mumbled “let’s get out of here” and looked up at him sleepily through her long, curled lashes that he’d follow her anywhere she wanted to go. Claire’s long blond hair spread out like a silk scarf on the comforter as she slept, snuggled into the space between his arm and his heart.

See, you even got 4 sentences on account of lateness, plus I fought with autocorrect to post this for you from my phone. You owe me chocolate.